Mother left mortified after discovering she celebrates her son's birthday on the wrong date

Mother left mortified after discovering she celebrates her son's birthday on the wrong date

Mom Emily Vondy discovered she has been celebrating her son's birthday on the wrong date

TikTok / @thevondyfam

A mother has been left mortified after discovering she has been celebrating her son’s birthday on the wrong date.

Mom Emily Vondy shared the revelation with her 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

Since it was uploaded last week, the clip has garnered over three million views.

She starts the video by saying: “Here’s a little story to allow all the moms of littles out there to maybe feel a little better about yourself”.

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As she tried to sort out billing her insurance for a visit to the paediatrician, she was puzzled when the insurance company said his birthday is the 25th of February, when Emily thought it was the 26th.

Deciding to scroll back through Facebook to find the birth announcement, she discovered that his birthday is in fact the 25th.


How’s your day going? #momfail #mombrain #parenting101 #sahm

“For two years I’ve been celebrating his birthday on the 26th,” she exclaimed.

She added: “You want to know the worst part? It’s my middle child.”

Ending the video, she said she has a mommy date with her middle child before shouting: “I love my kids”.

She continued yelling: “They may not have their birthday celebration on the correct day but they celebrate it the next”.

Hilariously, she went to say “Merry Christmas” when signing off, before shouting: “Christmas is over!”

Her blunder led to other parents sharing similar gaffes in the comment section.

One TikToker wrote: “I got flustered one day when someone said I had a handsome baby boy and asked his name. I said Ron. Her name is Harper. It’s hard out here.”

Another said: “I spelled my OWN NAME wrong on my child’s birth certificate.”

And Emily isn’t the only parent to forget their child’s birthday. Hilariously, one viewer wrote that her dad forgot her birthday, but remembered her twin’s. “Haven’t let him live that down,” she wrote.

Another said one year her mother sang “happy birthday to Allison”, but there was one problem - her name is Ashley, and she’s an only child.

Cue all the middle children digging our their birth certificates…

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