MrBeast's latest video sees him give African kids their first pair of shoes

MrBeast's latest video sees him give African kids their first pair of shoes
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MrBeast has teamed up with his sponsor Lectric eBikes to provide 20,000 children with their first pair of shoes.

In a clip shared on his Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel, he explained that people in rural towns walk to school barefoot due to extreme poverty.

"They have to walk through miles over harsh terrain, broken glass and contaminated water," he continued.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, told his 1.1 million viewers that he and his team flew out to South Africa where he connected with a charity called Barefoot No More.

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The organisation creates durable, comfortable footwear which the YouTuber described as the "perfect seamless shoe".

The team then went on to Cape Town where they met two primary school teachers, Gabriella and Roswell, who explained one of the school's biggest challenges is getting the children to school as they have to "walk miles" every day.

"It can be a struggle with all the thorns and needles [on the ground]; I wouldn’t go to school. I can be a great teacher, but I can’t be a teacher to nobody," Roswell said.

Once the shoes had arrived, MrBeast split them across nine different schools, which saw playgrounds "completely packed" with children.

Giving 20,000 Shoes To Kids In

Speaking about the harrowing moment, MrBeast said: "To witness these kids wearing their first-ever pairs of shoes was really emotional and again, a realisation of the basic needs that most of us take for granted."

Gabriella added: "For most people, this is very hard to understand, for using something as simple as a pair of school shoes to change my learners' lives for the better."

Inevitably, despite the YouTuber's positive efforts, some people still managed to find something to critique online.

One person's snarky tweet read, "Did he see if they were subscribed first?"

Another wrote: "He could’ve done a bit more shoes aren’t worth much."

Meanwhile, one person hit back at critics and said: "People really suck… Let him help the 20,000 kids. I bet if Mr Beast did help South Africa get out of poverty (with this person’s logic) someone would have something negative to say. “Like why didn’t you help the whole world??” Just wow…"

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