MrBeast reaches out to kid scammed by prankster pretending to be the YouTuber

MrBeast reaches out to kid scammed by prankster pretending to be the YouTuber
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MrBeast has reached out to a young boy and his father who were pranked by people pretending to be from his team.

It comes after TikTok user NoahGlennCarter posted about an incident where the two were scammed into thinking MrBeast wanted them involved in one of his videos.

As the viral video explains, the young boy and his dad were shopping when they were approached by someone claiming they worked for MrBeast.

They then told the son and father they were going to blindfold them and let them fill up the shopping cart with as much as they could get their hands on.

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However, when they were blindfolded the fake MrBeast employees ran away.

“To make matters even worse, the boy has to wear hearing aids and apparently the fake MrBeast employees said that the reason they chose him specifically was because of his hearing problems.”


This family was tricked by a fake Mr Beast #foryou #mrbeast #prank

Thankfully, there was happy news for the young boy as he “received two hundred [dollars] from an organisation in his town, and Target decided to match that amount. So in the end he got four hundred [dollars] just for a shopping spree.”

To make things even better after the distasteful incident, it looks like MrBeast himself is on the case.

The hugely popular YouTuber replied to a news post about the scam, writing: “Give me his info!!”

It comes after MrBeast, real name James Stephen Donaldson, randomly asked for cash from one of the world’s richest men.

The YouTuber recently wrote a tweet saying that it “feels like a great day for Jeff Bezos to give me a billion dollars for fun”.

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