<p>Amy Dunbar shared her incredible birthing story on TikTok</p>

Amy Dunbar shared her incredible birthing story on TikTok


A proud mum has boasted that her daughter “delivered herself” after she gave birth in her sleep.

TikTok user Amy Dunbar shared her birthing tale in response to a video from a fellow creator asking: “Tell me your ridiculous birth story that makes people [grimace].”

Dunbar, from Canada, said the request was “made for me” as she revealed how her daughter came into the world.

“So I had been in labour for about 12 hours and they did the epidural. We figured out very quickly that it wasn’t working, so they did whatever it is that they do to make it work,” she explained in a clip posted to the platform.

“At some point during me being asleep the nurse who had been monitoring me the whole time turned to my mum and was like, ‘Is she asleep’. My mum was like, ‘Yeah, she is’.”

She continued: “The nurse was like, ‘Hey, great, there was a really big contraction and she’s sleeping, so that means the epidural is working because she didn’t feel it.”

A short while later, the mother-to-be was woken up by the nurse to be told that she had lost the child’s heartbeat on the monitor, and asked Dunbar to flip over to help her find it, explaining that the “baby just probably moved”.

“Doing as I was told, I started moving the blanket and turning over and I was like, ‘there was something going on,’” she said.

“My baby was in the bed. She delivered herself while I was asleep. The big contraction the nurse saw was her being born.”

Dunbar woke to discover her baby was in bed with heramyedunbar/TikTok

Commenters were quick to express their shock at the story, describing the situation as “crazy”.

“Already a strong independent woman,” one joked.

Another wrote: “Whaaaaaat!!! Babay [sic] was like: ‘No, Mom. You rest, I got this. Waterslide!! Weeeeeeeee!’”

In a follow-up post, Dunbar confirmed that while her daughter wasn’t crying after the birth, she was “completely fine”.

“It was scary, but it turned out okay,” she said.

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