Mum's 'unhinged' poem about Boris Johnson leaves people very confused

Mum's 'unhinged' poem about Boris Johnson leaves people very confused
Boris Johnson drops out of race to be next UK prime minister

A mum anonymously wrote an "unhinged" poem about former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson - and people are baffled.

In a post uploaded to Mumsnet, the woman expressed her devastation at Johnson's departurefrom the race for prime minister and the plea for his return.

One person on Twitter shared a screenshot of the post and wrote: "I don't often look at Mumsnet these days. I'm glad that on the few occasions that I do, it still seems to be as utterly mental as ever."

The Mumsnet post expressed the writer's utter disappointment at Johnson's departure from the leadership race, with her noting that she is "devasted it's gone down this way."

"Boris had a mandate to deliver on. He's been denied that opportunity again. I am shattered that my PM won't be the PM again," she wrote.

The post also went on to blame Rishi Sunak for being unloyal to Johnson.

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"Boris made Rishi, and now look how he's treated him. Boris dedicated his life to public service and deserves better than this," she added.

Sunak is now in a position for the PM role and is unlikely to budge, at least for now.

Still, that didn't stop this Mumsnet user from wanting Johnson to be back at No.10 Downing Street.

"I want to see him back in power and hope and pray that I do in my lifetime…" she added.

The post was accompanied by a poem dedicated to Johnson. And the writer decided to give a glimpse into what she believes Johnson feels like at this moment. The first two verses sum up that assumption:

Carrie came to me today,

And said it was time to go,

I looked at her and smiled,

As I whispered that "I know"

I then turned and looked behind me,

And see my children asleep,

All my cabinet were around me,

And I could hear them weep

But people online were not here for this and swiftly commented on the "unhinged" post.

One person wrote: "Please tell me that's a parody."

"This is one of the best and worst things I've ever read," another added, while a third wrote: "That's one of the maddest things I've read on any form of social media."

Others seemed to want more clarification on the post altogether.

"Gentle Boris? Dedicated himself to public service? Am I living in an alternate reality or something?!" one added.

Someone else wrote: "It comes across as a eulogy. Have I missed something?"

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