The 10 Strangest Celebrity Couples Of All Time

A woman has explained the anger she felt when her boyfriend invited his ex to their first anniversary dinner.

Posting on Mumsnet, she explained that when they got together he had been broken up with his ex for two years but that they were still good friends.

That didn't bother her until he brought her to dinner. She said: "On our 1-year anniversary, he brought her to our dinner.. spoke to her the whole time".

She added he was supposed to cook her a meal and forgot and didn't even get her a card.

"It was too much for me I got up and walked out, and they both followed me!" she continued.

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"I literally had to say 'it's not you, it's him' to her and live the embarrassment of the situation (that's a short version)."

Since the incident, they've stayed together and have now been a couple for six-and-a-half years but the ex is still in their lives and they've had a few kerfuffles.

For instance, when they were listening to a song she said he said his ex "would love this" and his words "punched me in the gut".

Reacting to her story, people thought the relationship was doomed.

"What on Earth has caused you to persist in this relationship?!" one said. "Talk about early warning signs. You’re being unreasonable to yourself!"

Another wrote: "He's playing you off each other and loving it. But it also means he's being an arsehole to you both. And she's either an arsehole or incredibly insensitive tagging along on your dates and anniversaries."

And a third said: "Stop wasting your life with him".

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