Woman 'shrieks with laughter' and tells relative 'only poor people get the bus'

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A woman was left furious after one of her relatives claimed using a bus was a practice reserved for "poor people".

Posting on Mumsnet, the unnamed woman said her relative was "mocking" her and "shrieked with laughter" when she told her she gets the bus to work.

She fumed after being told "she wouldn't be seen dead on public transport".

She wrote: "I get a bus to work. My bus stop is literally outside my house and ten minutes later it drops me off outside my work. I pay £70 a month for this.

"If I drive to work it costs petrol plus £135 a month parking fees, and the closest two car parks are each a ten minute walk from work. It also takes longer to drive because of the one way system/bus lanes. It’s a no brainer.

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When she spoke about this with her relative the family member said she "probably look like a weirdo" and added "the only people who use buses outside of London are poor people who can’t afford to drive."

"She’s bonkers, right?" the woman asked Mumsnet users. "And a tad nasty? I’ve been stewing on this for a couple of days and shouldn’t let her rile me but ffs."

Responding to her story, people took her side.

"Twits the lot of them," one declared. "Public transport is way more environmentally friendly than cars."

Another wrote: "Your relative has made me laugh out loud with her stupidity. Does she have any other pearls of wisdom to regale us with?"

A third said: "She sounds insecure. Tell her you're not bothered if people think you're poor, because where's the shame in that?"

And a fourth wrote: "She sounds like an utter snob, and I would be embarrassed to be seen with her given her silly snobby, views."

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