Women fantasise about what marriage with Russian oligarchs would be like in bizarre Mumsnet thread

Women fantasise about what marriage with Russian oligarchs would be like in bizarre Mumsnet thread
US calls on Israel to stop taking 'dirty money' from Russian oligarchs

Women on Mumsnet have been contributing to a strange thread fantasising about marriage with Russian oligarchs, which hasn't aged well given Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Posting in mid-February, when Russia had troops on the Ukraine border causing concerns in the west, a week before Putin invaded the country, one woman took to the news by imagining what a life of "posh restaurants" and "the best private schools" would be like, for some reason.

She wrote: "Just sitting here [working from home] freezing in my dressing gown and wondering what life would be like being married to a handsome [oligarch]... I can imagine myself living in [Kensington], kids in the best private schools, posh restaurants, travelling the world whenever...! Lighthearted by the way, love my [darling husband]."

"I also wouldn't be worried about the gas or leccie bill," she added.

People immediately gave their thoughts and thread has resurfaced and received new comments today, presumably because Russian oligarchs have been in the news, with those with links to Putin receiving sanctions from the UK and other western countries.

Responding to the post, some people thought marriage to an oligarch sounded like a pretty good lifestyle.

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"I'm with you In my head his name is Dimitri and he looks like an older version of Jon Snow, with the sexy Russian accent," one wrote.

"The best part would be the divorce settlement!" another added.

A third added: "Your security guards would probably be well fit."

However some people had concerns:

"I'd never presume they'd be remotely loyal or faithful," one wrote. "Can you imagine the oligarch groupies? I have a couple of friends who are married to insanely rich partners and the pressure to stay ridiculously thin and young is real."

Another said: "And heaven help you if your taste ran to the minimalist, you'd have to put that aside and have Versace everything from the bog roll to the upholstery on your private jet."

While a third wrote: "My carbon footprint would be enormous. I'd also be scared of being killed. Other than that, I'm sure I would manage."

So far, the UK has sanctioned 775 Russian individuals. Some of those sanctioned include high profile names such as Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich and Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov.

Russia-Ukraine war: Why aren’t all billionaires called oligarchs? Clive Mason/Getty Images

We wonder if this has made some of the mums of Mumsnet change their minds...

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