Woman puts her toilet brush in the dishwasher and people are disgusted

Woman puts her toilet brush in the dishwasher and people are disgusted
Shocking hidden camera footage shows hotel cleaner cleaning mugs with toilet brush

When it comes to keeping our homes clean and tidy, everyone has their own methods - but the cleaning habit of one mum has outraged people.

In a post to Mumsnet, a woman admitted that she cleans her toilet brush in the dishwasher "every few months."

"I just put the brush and holder in, on their own, on a hot wash and they come out like new," she explained in the post.

Though her method did not exactly garner the approval of her friend who "totally freaked out" at the sight of the loo brush in the appliance.

"A friend popped by this morning for coffee, and I opened the dishwasher to get out a couple of mugs, forgetting that I had put the toilet items in last night.

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"She totally freaked out, saying this is totally disgusting, and re-washed the mugs I had then taken out from the cupboard AND poured boiling water on them before she would allow me to make her coffeel!

"The women then asked the online community: "Was my friend being unreasonable?"

"The mugs and loo bush were washed in separate loads!!" she concluded.

Since sharing her cleaning approach, the post has received a lot of responses from people who sided with the friend and found the practice "disgusting."

One person said: "I'm surprised the bristle don't melt in the dishwasher. But I'm with your friend - I wouldn't have accepted a cuppa off you."

"Is this a wind up? That's disgusting!" another person said.

Someone else added; "I'm with your friend here. How on earth could you even contemplate putting a toilet brush and holder into your dishwasher?"

"If you wash the toilet items separately why were they in there at the same time as the mugs?" a fourth person asked.

Though there were some people who did side with the mum in this instance.

One person said: "Well if your dishwasher gets hot enough then I don't see a problem with it from a hygiene perspective, though I can understand it making people squeamish."

"This again? Honestly stick your loo brush, pet bowls, wellies, wheelie bin, false teeth, moon cup whatever in the dishwasher. No one actually cares unless you create a mumsnet thread," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "It's fine. My ex-partner used to do the same. We're both still alive."

But not everyone believed the dishwasher habit to be true as one person commented: "There are a lot of trolls on Mumsnet at the moment."

Either way, we can't see this technique catching on…

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