'Muscle mommy' hits back at men who won't date her because of her strong arms

I Want To Be The World's Most Muscular Barbie | HOOKED ON ...

A woman known as "muscle mommy" on social media decided to hit back at men who won't date her because of her impressive arms.

Taking to her TikTok (@musclemommyy) to make her sentiments crystal clear, the incredible weight lifter.

Hunter decided to pull a sad face while positioning her fingers into a heart shape.

"You're pretty, but I don't like muscular girls," Hunter's on-screen caption read, seemingly indicating that this is a comment she's heard from men.

But soon after, she ripped the "heart" in two, in a way she suggested that she was heartbroken by the commentary before she offered up two middle-finger salutes to the camera.

It was at that moment that it became clear that this did not destroy Hunter, hence her captioning the video "like I give a f**k."

The video, which had 5.3 million views at the time of writing, also had the sound of the T2 (featuring Jodie Aysha) track "Heartbroken."

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Hunter has received much praise from her followers, who admire her body-positive attitude and her confident approach to life.

They also swiftly reminded her that those who pass judgement are more often than not intimidated by her abilities and commended her for not taking the criticisms to heart.

One wrote: "Hun, they just don't want stronger girls than they self."

"My ex didn't let me work out cus he didn't want me bigger than him…. don't worry, it's allll insecurity and laziness," another added.

A third wrote: "I [don't] see what the problem is, women date men with muscles, so why can it not be the same the other way round

Someone else simply wrote: "My new workout motivation right here."

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