Pet fish exposes YouTuber's bank details during Pokemon livestream

Pet fish exposes YouTuber's bank details during Pokemon livestream
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It was a type of fishing scam.

When a YouTuber decided to let their pet fish dictate the gameplay in a Nintendo Switch Pokémon game it ended in a credit card charge of 500 yen ($3.85).

It all went down during a live stream on the YouTube channel, Mutekimaru Channel.

The person behind the channel set up motion detection software to track their pet fish and correspond their location to keys on the Nintendo Switch - allowing the fish to play the game.

Things were going swimmingly while the fish were playingPokémon Scarlet and Violet until the YouTuber walked away from the screen and the fish managed to get to the Nintendo home screen, then the Nintendo store.

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Once in the Nintendo store, the fish managed to purchase something, read the terms and conditions, and charge it to the credit card the owner had stored on file.

Although the purchase was relatively small, the major issue was the YouTuber’s credit card information was revealed on the live stream.

The fish also managed to get PayPal to send the YouTuber an email after trying to set up an account connected with Nintendo and changed the Nintendo account name from “Mutekimaru” to “ROWAWAWAWA¥”

They also used the YouTuber’s reward points to purchase a new avatar and download the N64 emulator.

Luckily, the YouTuber was able to get his 500 yen refunded after contacting Nintendo and explaining what happened.

The Mutekimaru Channel often uses their fish to play video games for people's entertainment. In the past, the fish have played Pokémon FiredRed and LeafGreen, Pokémon Emerald, and more.

They also successfully finished Pokémon Sapphire, much to people's surprise.

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