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We appreciate that plenty of jobs require uniforms or dress codes, but we didn’t think babysitting was one of them.

Unfortunately for one woman, however, it transpired her outfit was “inappropriate” in the eyes of her prospective employer.

Fair enough, you might be thinking. Maybe the parents don’t want someone flashing too much flesh or wearing X-rated slogan t-shirts around their kids.

But how about leggings and a sweatshirt?

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The mum in question shared her side of the story via a now-deleted post on Reddit.

In it, she explained that she thought she’d found the perfect nanny… until they started discussing wardrobe choices.

“The problem came when I spoke to her about the dress code I expected,” the woman wrote, according to The Mirror which saw the original post.

“I noticed she had on leggings with a sweater today which I guess was okay since she wasn't working, but I would've expected a little more for an interview. However, I told her I expect that she will not be wearing athletic wear while she tends to the children (no leggings, yoga pants, sweats, etc).

“She kind of laughed and said 'so what do you want me to wear?' and my husband laughed but I was serious. I told her that type of clothing is inappropriate since she's not working out, she's working. She seemed put off and said that's what she normally wears, and if she's going to be active with the kids she needs to be dressed comfortably.

"I told her what the expectations were and she said she understands and left. Later on, she told me she doesn't think this will work out.”

The Redditor then asked fellow users of the platform: “Was I wrong for setting expectations? I don't think it’s okay to walk around in tight clothing with my son and husband present, plus she should be dressed like she's working - she's a professional, and a teacher would not dress that way. My husband said I was overreacting."

Suffice it to say, commentators were unimpressed by her rule-setting, with the post racking up more than 4,400 comments in less than half a day. Users particularly aghast at the OP’s comment: “I don't think it’s okay to walk around in tight clothing with my son and husband present.”

“Tell us you're a misogynist without telling us you're a misogynist,” one wrote.

“If your husband can’t help but stray over a woman wearing LEGGINGS, then that’s YOUR marriage’s problem. Not the woman wearing legging’s problem,” commented a second.

Meanwhile, others emphasised the would-be employee’s point that being a nanny is a highly active job so comfort should be key.

“She isn’t interviewing for a legal position with your firm. She’s there to look after your children. She’ll be constantly moving around, bending over, cleaning, and overall being extremely active. Your expectations are absolutely ridiculous,” one stressed.

Another said: “I’ve been a nanny {for ten years} I’ve employed a nanny {for multiple years}. Your expectations are ridiculous, unnecessary, and impractical. You’re going to have a hard time keeping a nanny on with this kind of attitude.”

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