Neighbour spoils nearby wedding by mowing lawn during ceremony

Neighbour spoils nearby wedding by mowing lawn during ceremony
Woman interrupts neighbour's backyard wedding by mowing lawn
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A couple's wedding day was spoiled after the backyard ceremony was "ruined" by the loud sound of a neighbour mowing their lawn just across the street.

TikToker @vampyyric posted footage on June 11 of the moment when the bride walked down the aisle as emotional music played - but the song was drowned out by the loud roars of the neighbour's lawn mower.

Meanwhile, guests could be seen staring in the direction of the sound and the clip showed how the noise continued during the bride and groom's wedding vows.

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"The second the bride’s song came on and she walked down the isle [sic] this Karen decided to PURPOSELY mow her lawn and yell at us to ruin the wedding," the on-screen text read.

"She continued through the entire wedding and we could not hear the vows etc," they added.

The video then began to zoom in on the woman responsible for the noise as she continued to mow the lawn in her front garden and looked in the direction of the camera.


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Since posting about the ruined wedding, the video has received 417,000 views, as people have shared their thoughts on the situation - and it's left people divided.

Many were outraged at the neighbour's action which put a dampener on the big day.

One person said: "Now I’d be committed to randomly ringing her doorbell at 3am at least once a week for eternity."

"I don't get how someone could be so spiteful. It's really sad to watch," another person wrote.

Someone else joked: "She’s obviously divorced."

"Wow, how sad people can be so miserable to cause such disturbance!!" a fourth person commented.

Although not everyone agreed and felt that the neighbour can do what she wants on her property.

One person wrote: "That’s something you have to accept when you don’t pay for a venue though. It’s her property, she didn’t agree to a wedding."

"I wouldn’t want a wedding venue across the street either," another person said.

Someone else added: "Maybe the couple should have picked a better venue. Just saying it is her property... It is what it is."

"Why were you getting married right outside her house though?" a fourth person replied.

The TikTok also added in the comments how she went up to the neighbour and "she was not kind" and added how "some people are just rude like that. It's truly unfortunate."

They also informed viewers that they hadn't had an issue with the neighbour before the wedding happened.

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