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Birthdays are a cause for celebration, especially if you've reached a significant milestone such as an 18th or 21st - however one neighbour clearly disagreed after sending an angry letter to one boy on his 21st birthday.

Typed out on a piece of paper, the letter that has since been shared on The Bell Tower Times' Facebook page shows that the neighbour didn't hold back in their fury at a party the boy had lasting until midnight, branding the birthday boy a "disrespectful human being."

The letter began with "Congratulations!" but went downhill from there as it then read: "To the parents: Congratulations for raising a 21-year-old and teaching them not to care or give a damn about the neighbours - partying out loud and in fact being dismissive and disrespectful human being. Good job!"

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"To the birthday person: I know your parents didn't teach you that but please consider your neighbours when partying until midnight.

"I truly believe this is a milestone to be celebrated and hope you will never ever encounter neighbours like yourself in your life.

"If and when, you decide to have a family or come home tired from work or even want to have the RIGHT to sleep peacefully in your own home, yes that is RIGHT, please consider your neighbours.

"The world does not need another disrespectful human being. Use your brain.

"You could have notified the neighbours so we can plan/prepare for circumstances or even take your party to a club, a restaurant, but no you choose to be abusive, disrespectful and guess what... You have to live with that!

"You are 21 now so try and be a respectful adult next time."

Since the note was posted to Facebook on Monday (October 3), where it gained hundreds of responses from people - and it's pretty clear who they sided with...

One person said: "Disrespect would be partying night after night. A party every now and again and especially a 21st is a right. Happy Birthday."

"Good grief! A 21st birthday party! That went till midnight! I’m shocked and horrified! So inconsiderate! *insert sarcasm font*" another person wrote.

Someone else added: "You mean they partied until midnight then it shut down without police intervention? They should count that as a success! Happy 21st!"

"Judging by the distinct lack of Times New Roman font and capital letters, this is clearly someone very new to the art of passive-aggressive notes," a fourth person joked.

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