Person's petty revenge on noisy neighbour called 'awesome'

Person's petty revenge on noisy neighbour called 'awesome'
Drunk woman smashes neighbours’ car with 3ft long pick-axe handle over parking …

One person’s petty revenge on their partying neighbours has been dubbed “awesome” after they implemented an “I don't sleep, you don't sleep” philosophy.

Noisy neighbours can make your home feel like a living hell, but one person got so sick of being kept awake until 4am, sometimes on weeknights, that they decided to give their neighbours an early wake-up call.

In a post on Reddit’s r/pettyrevenge, the person explained that they had a group of 20-something-year-old men move into a rented property next to theirs who would party until late.

They explained: “The last couple years the house next door to mine was rented to a few 20-something dudes who would party and play loud music until like 4am.

“The houses are pretty close together so it was loud inside my house even with all the windows shut, and it would keep me up most of the night.

“Doing it on the weekends was bad enough but sometimes it would be on a Thursday and I'd have to work the next day on just a couple hours sleep. Needless to say, I was always pissed and petty when this happened.”

Knowing that the noisy neighbours would most likely be asleep after partying until 4am, the disgruntled neighbour decided to hammer outside their window at 7.30am.

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They explained: “Now my house has a wooden deck in the back and it wraps around the same side of the house that faces these neighbors.

“It's a pretty old deck and the nails work their way up over time, so periodically I have to hammer them back in.

“When the AHs [a**holes] next door would party super late, I'd wake around 7 as I usually do (I'm incapable of sleeping in late even after little sleep), and at 7:30 I'd get out my hammer and start hammering my deck nails in.

“About ten feet away from two of their bedroom windows. I had lots of nails that needed to be hammered in.”

They went on to explain that sometimes they’d hear screams of frustration at being woken up, writing: “Sometimes one of the guys would scream out in frustration and it was very satisfying. I don't sleep, you don't sleep dude.”

Thankfully, the young men moved out of the house and the neighbour added, “I like to think I had something to do with it”.

One Redditor responded: “This sounds awesome. I did something similar to my neighbor as well. She would stand on her balcony and speak very loudly through the day.

“I asked her a few times to speak a little less louder. Nothing changed till I started playing music on my loud Bluetooth speakers whenever she got a call. She does not like Metallica or Techno.”

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