Our Father

The trailer for Netflix's new documentary Our Father has been released and people are already freaked out just watching the two-minute sneak peek.

The highly anticipated documentary follows the story of former fertility doctor Donald Cline who fathered 50 or more children by illegally artificially inseminating his sperm into women.

The story first broke in 2016 after one sibling reached out to a local news station. Since then, the story of the half-siblings has taken the world by storm and shinned a light on bad practices used by fertility doctors.

However, for people first learning of the story, the Our Father trailer makes it seem more like a horror movie than a real-life situation.

In the two-minute sneak peek, the trailer shows how the first siblings, Jacoba Ballard, figured out that she had a plethora of half-siblings all linked to the same fertility doctor their parents used in the 1970s and 80s.

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Thanks to the advancement and accessibility of genealogy testing, the half-siblings were able to find each other and piece together the mystery of a lifetime.

Despite this, realizing the truth behind their shared parent was not the end of the line. Seeking justice for their parents, and themselves, proved to be harder than they realized - something the documentary is sure to touch on.

Very few laws are in place to prevent the charge fertility doctors from lying to patients and using their own sperm. And as genealogy testing becomes more abundant, more doctors are getting exposed for their wrongdoings.

The documentary is sure to reveal the most mind-blowing and emotionally taxing parts of the half-sibling's journey to finding each other and seeking justice.

Our Father is set to air on Netflix on May 11.

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