New York set to host ‘bald fest’ – a festival for bald people

New York set to host ‘bald fest’ – a festival for bald people

A Brooklyn-based rapper who wants to remove the stigma some attach to being bold is launching a festival to honor those who have lost or are losing their hair.

Called Bald Fest, Rami Even-Esh is launching the festival on September 13 in New York City. This will also mark The National Bald is Beautiful Day.

In conversation with the New York Post, Even-Esh, who goes by Kosha Dillz professional, said this festival is the “opposite of fashion week.”

“Bald fest will celebrate the things people don’t have — which is hair,” he told the outlet.

He also said that the festival was “a celebration of owning your own fate.”

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The event will be held at Rubulad Club in Brooklyn with tickets valued at $18.

Activities and entertainment such as bald trivia will be included in the festivities. Plenty of Bic razors will also be given out throughout the time.

When Even-Esh took to his Instagram about the festival, people who experienced balding or were just impressed with the event took to the comments.

“As someone who has experienced hair loss, this makes me SO HAPPY!!!!! It’s time to normalize and embrace bald! #BaldIsBeautiful,” someone wrote, in part.

“That's big. I’ve been going bald for a couple [of] years,” another added.

Someone else pointed out Even-Esh’s drive to make an event like this possible and wrote: “These opportunities only happen when you grind your whole life for them. Congratulations, my fellow bald friend.”

Organisers of the event say that the profits received will go towards the Haitian earthquake relief efforts.

For more information on Bald Fest, check them out here.

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