How a dating coach who charges clients $10k to find The One says she does it

<p>Amy has even accompanied clients to their dates  </p>

Amy has even accompanied clients to their dates


A dating coach from New York charges $10,000 (£7,000) to help hopeless romantics find “The One”.

With claims of an 80 per cent success rate, Amy Noble explained how she once made dating her “job” before turning her “mistakes” into the most “unexpected career twist of [her] life.”

“It’s really interesting. We will spend a lot of money in our lives on all kinds of things, professional coaches, nutritional coaches, all kinds of luxuries,” Amy told This Morning.

“Arguably, the most important thing in life is love, and so to really put yourself on a journey to empower yourself to find that special person in your life, it is a valuable journey.”

Her services provide clients with “on-demand” services such as taking over their dating apps, taking clients’ calls during disastrous dates and even accompanying them to the dates. “I’ve been on several dates incognito within earshot from the bar,” Amy said. “I can read body language and coach my clients.”

“My program is four months, and it’s designed not only to present you as the best possible version of yourself, not how you think others want to see you, but how you really are with all of your amazing gifts,” she added.

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While $10,000 is a hefty amount to part ways with in the name of love, Amy shared a few tips to dating success and one doesn’t cost a thing: Positive energy.

“The dating apps are amazing, but people really hate them,” she said. “It feels uncomfortable to present yourself in this way, but if you have a really positive attitude, just like if you’re changing careers and want to find a new job, you’d go off on this journey and have the best attitude - this is no different.”

She also pointed out that people shouldn’t get knocked by rejection. “Rejection if just a redirection,” she explained. “When people tell you who they are or show you who they are, it’s good. It kind of clears the way for us to actually find and meet our person.”

Dermot then asked Amy about her “no shenanigans” until date four rule.

“I have my advice and my clients can choose to do what they want to do,” Amy said. “I believe it’s really important to have an emotional connection before you have a physical one.

“I say date one, two, three, you can kiss and make out. After date three I don’t really care what you do, but I don’t want my clients to fall into a pattern of going too fast too soon.”

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