Flight control audio captures moment disaster was narrowly averted as plane landed

Flight control audio captures moment disaster was narrowly averted as plane landed
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Scary audio has been released that highlights the moment a pilot was able to avert a potential disaster from occurring while landing.

On Tuesday (April 5), a Boeing 777 was making its way from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to Paris when it encountered some trouble trying to land at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport.

While headed to Runway 26L, the pilot had no choice but to call off the landing and redirect his plane away from the airport after a control malfunction.

The tense communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller (ATC) was released after a safety investigation had now been launched.

As showcased in the audio, the Boeing 777 was coming into land, with the controller letting the pilot know in French that he had the green light to land at 1,500ft.

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But shortly after, an alarm could be heard ringing in the cockpit as the pilot was fighting his controls.

At that point, the ATC tried to contact the pilot, who replied: "I'll call you back."

However, with the small window of time, he urges the pilot not to land.

"Air France AFW, stop [the] approach [at] 1,500 feet immediately," the ATC could be heard saying.

Luckily, the pilot was able to return and explained that he was able to stop the landing at 1,200 feet.

"We went around, holding [at] 4,000 feet…We went around following an issue with commands. The plane didn't respond. We are ready to resume [the] final approach with radar guidance. Give us time to manage the situation, then guide us with tailwind," the pilot said.

The ATC also told the pilot that he noticed the plane had changed its course and approved his request to alter the approach to land at Runway 27R.

The flight was, fortunately, able to land safely. Air France issued a statement that said the crew experienced "technical" issues when attempting to land and praised their efforts."Air France confirms that the crew of flight AF011 from New York JFK to Paris-CDG aborted their landing sequence and performed a go-around due to a technical incident during the approach," the airline said.

They continued: "The crew mastered the situation and landed the aircraft normally after a second approach. Air France understands and regrets the discomfort felt by customers," the airline said.

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