Newsmax host is panicking that there's now a 'twerking epidemic'

Newsmax host is panicking that there's now a 'twerking epidemic'
Newsmax host blames Democrats for 'twerking epidemic' in America

"Not only is this the moral decay in America but there's clearly a twerking epidemic," Eric Bolling said on Wednesday night's episode of The Balance.

The Newsmax host showed videos of people twerking in celebration of Pride, a flash twerk party on the subway, and included the video of State Senator Tiara Mack twerking as evidence of "the woke mob left" is "making America a laughing stock".

Bolling claimed the 'twerking epidemic' is decaying America and claimed children are being subjected to twerking against their will which will "radicalize" America.

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The host went on to connect twerking with less religious young adults and "a national with no moral compass" which he says could lead to a loss of democracy or a civil war.

Bolling seemingly used twerking to warn viewers that America was become more "radicalized" and Democrats had every intention of using twerking to make children more liberal.

In response, people accused Bolling of trying to install fear in people for an arbitrary topic.

"Just making up every moral panic possible to throw against the wall and see what sticks", Aaron wrote on Twitter.

"The woke left won’t stop until you put your thang down flip it and reverse it", Steven tweeted.

Twerking is a form of dancing that has origins in the bounce music scene of New Orleans in the 1980s. The movement involves squatting and shaking your butt up and down using your hips.

It is often associated with sexual provocation and frowned upon by conservatives.

Many people, including Mack, have defended the dance move saying it's a form of expression used to express joy rather than sexual enticement.

"I hope I catch the twerking instead of the monkey pox." A Twitter user wrote.

“That’s how they radically transform America, folks.” Wait — all we have to do is twerk? Ok then, nobody wants to see it but here I go…" Jeff tweeted.

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