Outrageous flash twerk party breaks out on New York subway train

Outrageous flash twerk party breaks out on New York subway train
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New York City is a weird and wonderful place and you never can quite predict what you’re going to see when going about your day.

Never has that been more true than when an outrageous twerking party broke out on an NYC subway train, featuring girls in bikinis, a water slide and a paddling pool.

The unbelievable scene reportedly took place on one of the city’s L trains, with footage showing women in bikinis twerking, while others were sliding on a Slip ‘N Slide laid out across train the floor and drinking alcohol.

Confused commuters could be seen watching the spectacle and filming it with their phones. Viral footage of the incident was posted on Twitter by @Mike… From… Queens, where it has been viewed over 656,000 times.

The post also gathered more than 3,500 comments as people couldn’t quite believe what they were witnessing.

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One person asked: “wtf is goin on here.”

Another shared their own footage of the party, writing: “The most chaotic train ride ever.”

Someone else wrote: “Don’t even imagine the smell cos you’d be traumatized.”

“I can’t even handle my feet touching wet floor in my clean home, imagine your wet feet sliding on an MTA train, gross,” another commented.

One Twitter user said: “No wonder covid and monkeypox doing numbers out there.”

Metropolitan Transportation Authority communications director Tim Minton commented on the incident, saying: “This appears to be a Hollywood concoction or a dopey stunt.

“New Yorkers don’t appreciate rides being delayed when trains get taken out of service because selfish grownups came to trend.”

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