Twerking state senator says she doesn't have to apologise for viral video

State Senator Tiara Mack goes viral in twerking bikini video

Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack says she won't apologise for her viral twerking video after some people called it unprofessional, and says she has no regrets about posting it.

"I am not going to apologise for being myself and for living a joyful life and for being unapologetically myself in every instance and enjoying a beautiful day off," Mack told TMZ.

Mack, 28, serves in the Rhode Island State Senate and posted a video to her TikTok page on July 4th doing a headstand and twerking while enjoying a day off at the beach.

The video sparked backlash from people who left misogynistic and racist comments while claiming she would not be re-elected.

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"I will not apologise for showing young queer Black women that they can live a joyful life and still make a positive impact in their community"

Not only is she not apologising for using her body to express herself, but Mack also wants the conversation to move away from how state Senators should act to policies.


Body autonomy for those with a uterus, trans people 🏳️‍⚧️, intersex youth 💜💛, poor people, and everyone else

Mack told WPRI12 created her TikTok account to speak more about policies she cares about like being pro-choice, advocating for transgender rights, intersex rights, and more.

However since her twerking video, people like Tucker Carlson have criticized, mocked, and belittled Mack using her as a negative example of Democrats.

"This has been a very targeted attack on my person," Mack told TMZ. "It is very convenient for the GOP to try to create a narrative that Black people and people of color are changing society. There is a status quo and just because the status quo is changing and the people who lead our country look different doesn't mean that is bad."

With her newfound platform, Mack is talking about the importance of body autonomy and fighting back against misogynistic comments. She is also raising awareness for policies important to her and reminding people that twerking, wearing a bikini, and having fun is not a crime.

Commenters from across the US have stood with Mack and defended her against people who believe Mack is unfit for State Senate.

"Why do politicians need to stop being their own real selves? Tiara, be you. It’s a refreshing contrast to the stodgy old grumps."

"We need more women in RI speaking up like you!"

"I will not apologise, you know, for having enough cake to twerk," Mack joked in her video to TMZ.

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