A new NFT company called Nonce Finance launched and they quickly realised they had a problem

<p>Bosses were left red-faced when they discovered the British slang definition </p>

Bosses were left red-faced when they discovered the British slang definition

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If we can learn anything from social media, it’s that the internet has a phenomenal ability to transform innocent mishaps and marketing mistakes into overnight viral sensations.

Bosses at a US-based start-up crypto company experienced this first hand, after being highlighted online for their unfortunate choice of the company name. Brits left the company feeling a little red-faced when they piled in after noticing its name ... Nonce Finance.

While in the crypto world, a ‘nonce’ is an abbreviation of ‘number only just once’ which is often used in the context of cryptocurrency mining, in British slang, it means sex offender or paedophile.

From the official Twitter account, ‘Nonce Finance’ took the memes in good humour.

They have also since updated their Twitter bio to say, “Struggling with brand names” and tweeted a poll to see those in favour of the company changing their name ( so far it’s a slim majority of 52.3 per cent).

British Twitter, however, broke into hysterics and the memes spread like wildfire.

Like the majority, one person is desperate to understand the thought process behind the name and wants to see the ‘board presentations and email chain’ that led to the decision.

Comedy writer, James Felton, mocks the company’s ‘confidence’ that they ‘think you’ll be willing to ignore the fact that their name implies they are paedophiles’.

Another mocked the name - emphasising the importance of research before launching any type of business online.

For one user, the mishap was reminiscent of a Scandinavian stationery company that opted for this unfortunate logo for their company, ‘Locum’.

One meme pictured Jimmy Savile (a prolific sex offender in the 60s, 70s, and 80s) as an employee at the newly-founded crypto company.

While another was still in utter disbelief.

Research is key, every time.

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