The NHS had a fantastic response to a racist on Twitter

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Warning: The follow article contains racist statements

When a racist tried to troll the NHS, they had the best response.

On 19 June the @GivebloodNHS posted this call for donors.

Black people with sickle sell disease urgently need black donors.

The tweet then shared a link to a page explaining how donors could give blood.

Almost four months later, the account @imgrunenwalde decided to chip in with this racist remark:

If we deport all blacks, this will stop being an issue.

A screengrab of the tweets, before being deleted, show the exchange.

Picture: Picture: Twitter screengrab

Before @Imgrunenwalde was suspended from Twitter, the NHS had a brilliant response.

The sass was appreciated by all, and many more persons promised to sign up in response.

Sickle sell disease is the name given to a group of conditions which affect red blood cells.

According to NHS Direct, sickle cell disease is common among people with an African or Caribbean background.

Black donors are needed because they are more likely to have rare blood and tissue types which are more likely to match black patients with sickle cell diseases.

Tweets from the @GiveBloodAccount at the time claimed that in 2016 less than one per cent of blood donors were black.

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