Nigel Farage floats maddest Queen mourning idea yet

Nigel Farage floats maddest Queen mourning idea yet
Queen Elizabeth’s coffin carried into Westminster ahead of four days of lying-in-state
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There have been some questionable takes following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but Nigel Farage has just put forward the maddest yet.

We’ve had everything from Center Parcs deciding to kick guests out of their lodgings to mark the funeral (only to U-turn a few hours later), to Norwich City Council closing its bike racks in a bizarre effort to show respect to the late monarch.

Now, Farage has got in on the act by proposing that English football teams withdraw from European competitions.

The reason? Because British teams have been told they can’t sing God Save The King before European games by UEFA to show respect to the Queen.

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Despite requests from British clubs, only the Champions League anthem will be heard before games in Europe this week.

Farage responded to a Daily Mail article on the subject, writing: “Time we threatened to leave European football. Without us they would be nothing.”

People, of course, thought it was a ridiculous suggestion.

One wrote: “Oh Christ I remember you saying something similar a while ago about leaving another thing. Turned out that was b******* as well.

Another sarcastically said: “Exactly Nige, they need us more than we need them, other governing bodies from around the world will be queuing up to do deals with us, there’ll be no down side only a considerable upside, the easiest deal in history, we hold all the cards, what could possibly go wrong.”

Others also pointed out a YouTube clip Farage posted back in 2021 which he captioned ’keep politics out of football’. The video saw him accused manager Gareth Southgate of being ‘out of touch with England fans’ over his stance encouraging England players taking the knee before games of football – this time, users asked why he had chosen to bring up politics in relation to the game just a year later.

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