Mother pushed to her limits by noisy neighbours who play music until 4am

Mother pushed to her limits by noisy neighbours who play music until 4am
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A mother has been pushed to her limits by her new neighbours who she claims play music until midnight every day and 4 am every weekend.

In a post on the notorious subreddit 'Am I the A**hole?' explains that she recently moved to a mobile home community and her neighbours, who she says are in the 50s and 60s, began playing the loud music in August, without warning as the prior two months had been blissfully quiet.

She explains: "I’ll give some backstory before I jump into this. M (husband 28), K (me 25), & A (son 7) moved to a mobile home community at the beginning of June. We love our home and we get along with the neighbours on our left side very well since we have children the same age.

"I have seen and waved to the neighbours on our right in passing but they have never spoken to us. They seem to be an older couple (maybe mid 50s-early 60s). I will also say that I have lived in a mobile home community for many years before meeting my husband and in the beginning stages of our relationship so I know how it is sometimes.

"The whole month of June was a breeze. It was quiet, more quiet than I was expecting honestly. July rolls around and our male neighbour on our right side sets up a whole surround sound speaker set and TV outside on his covered porch. He would only be out there during the day and it was unnoticeable from my house so it was totally fine.

"Here’s where it all starts. At the beginning of August, he starts blasting music through the surround sound speakers. During the week, it starts at around 1pm and doesn’t stop until usually midnight. If it’s the weekend, it won’t stop until 4 am.

"This happened every single day of August. Just to give some more context, I have a photo collage wall in my living room and the bass is so strong that it moves the photos on the wall. About 2 weeks into August, I reached out to the manager here and explained to her what had been going on and she said she would “look into it” and never got back to me.

"I have diagnosed severe anxiety and have confrontation issues so I let it go. It has gotten to the point that A is not sleeping until it turns off and M has to take max strength melatonin to be able to sleep through the night so he can work in the morning. Due to my confrontation issues, I have asked M to go talk to him some time and be very kind on many occasions but he is the same way as I am. I really don’t know what to do and I don’t want to message the manager again since she didn’t get back to me. WIBTA if I went to speak to them myself?"

Many of the comments on her post felt that she had done nothing wrong in the situation and had every right to confront the couple about the situation or report them.

One person wrote: "He's disturbing the peace after 10 pm. If you can't convince yourself to confront him, call the cops. Might not help between like 7 am-10 pm, but it's something."

Another added: "I would follow up with the manager again to let them know that the issue has persisted daily since you originally contacted them. Perhaps they've reached out to your neighbours and never heard any additional complaints and so assumed the issue was resolved. Regardless of when or if you get a response from the manager, start calling the police every time their music continues past 10 pm. They'll get warnings a few times but then they'll start getting real consequences if the warnings don't work. I know you're non-confrontational but if you call the police, they'll handle it."

A third said: "Most places have a noise ordinance that doesn't allow noise for specified times, like 10 pm to 6 am. Definitely call the police, each and every time he is blasting noise till 4 am. Does your neighbor work or is he retired? Do you know his schedule, I'd try and find his phone number, call him about 6 am or when you think he's sleeping and let him know how much you enjoyed the music, wait 10 minutes until he's back to sleep and call again."

What would you do?

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