When politicians talk about the "Norway model" they refer to that nation's relationship with the European Union, one which Britain might seek to emulate.

But we may already have more in common with this way of life than we previously realised - Norway has an untranslatable expression that's recognisable to any person feeling delicate the morning after.


Pronounced: "foola-angst".

This is the sensation of anxiety after a night of heavy drinking. Think: Who did I drunk dial?

At the extreme this can be like the thought: I'm sure I was sick but I can't find it.

But it can also be as simple and unsettling as that feeling of being sure you did something regrettable, but you're unable to figure out what or why.

Top tips for avoiding Fylleangst:

1. Include yourself as a recipient of any and all Snapchats you send out. Don't let that stupid Ghost fuel your anxiety.

2. Just delete their number already. You don't need your ex's number. You don't. Stop pretending that you do.

3. Drink less. Wear a Go-Pro camera to give the debriefing with your friends some C.S.I sophistication.

In the meantime, be grateful to Norway. These poets have looked deep into our souls and given voice to that deep dread that can hang over any hangover.

HT: The Local

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