Futuristic autonomous boats being developed for Amsterdam

A futurist flying luxury hotel that uses nuclear energy to stay in the air and never needs to land has been compared to the “modern day Titanic”.

While the Sky Cruise hotel is only theoretical at the moment, designer Hashem Alghaili believes it could be the future of travel.

Alghaili redesigned the huge flying hotel based on the original concept by Tony Holmsten. In his vision, the hotel would accommodate more than 5,000 guests who could be flown onboard from anywhere in the world on commercial jets.

The hotel would be piloted by AI and be powered by 20 engines that provide almost unlimited energy from nuclear fusion that takes place inside them.

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Nuclear-Powered Sky Hotelwww.youtube.com

Despite the hotel’s bold and detailed design, it hasn’t stopped people from seeing the potential worst-case scenario. On Twitter, one person likened it to the ill-fated Titanic.

They wrote: “this is about to be the modern-day titanic.”

Based on the more than 65,000 likes the tweet has received, it seems many others agree.

One person wrote: “It’s a no from me.”

Someone else claimed: “One goose and that b**ch is done.”

Another referred to it as “Skytanic”. Meanwhile, others said it was like the plot of the film. Wall-E.

Someone wrote: “this the beginning of wall e.”

Y’all never watched wall-e did you,” another person wrote.

The plane has also been compared to other infamous flying vehicles from pop culture.

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