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Futuristic flying nuclear hotel can carry 5000 guests and would never need to land

Futuristic flying nuclear hotel can carry 5000 guests and would never need to land
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An ambitious new flying hotel design that never lands could mean that soon we’ll all be holidaying in the sky.

The Sky Cruise hotel would be piloted by AI would have 20 nuclear-fusion-powered engines and would never need to land back on Earth.

The concept was originally designed by Tony Holmsten, but has been reimagined by Hashem Alghaili who animated the futuristic vision for Sky Crusie in incredible detail and said it “could be the future of transport”.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Alghaili explained that the flying hotel would be big enough to accommodate over 5,000 guests and offer “the epitome of luxury”.

The hall, a large circular room with glass on all sides, would offer a 360-degree view of the sky and other surroundings, linked by an elevator to the main decks.

Shopping malls, sports centres, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, theatres, children’s playgrounds, hospitals, as well as an area for conducting business.

The Sky Cruise would also feature wedding halls where people can get married. In the YouTube clip, the video showed the Sky Cruise vessel travelling through the Northern Lights.

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Nuclear-Powered Sky

According to the video, the “highly controlled fusion reaction” in the 20 engines provides the hotel with unlimited energy.

The Sky Cruise could remain suspended in the air for several years without having to touch the ground.

Electric commercial planes and private jets deliver supplies and passengers directly to the plane in the sky, meaning guests can arrive from anywhere in the world.

The AI piloting system is able to detect air turbulence before it happens and can prevent any vibrations from occurring by creating “anti-vibrations”.

The impressive feat of engineering could be the future of how we travel.

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