British woman causes outrage by walking naked up cathedral steps

British woman causes outrage by walking naked up cathedral steps
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A British woman has caused outrage after posing nude at the top of the magnificent Amalfi Cathedral in Italy for a photoshoot.

Donning nothing more than a red flowing veil to cover herself, the woman shocked the early-rising locals on Monday morning (17 October) with the racy display.

Local Italian media outlets reported that the woman was an "influencer" who said she was creating a "personal memory" with two other tourists - another British woman, her assistant, and a male "photographer" that is reportedly from North America.

In footage of the photoshoot shared to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it showed workers taking a break from their task of unloading boxes for the week ahead to instead film the moment happening at the top of the cathedral's staircase.

The woman could also be seen striking various poses for the camera as she allowed the red veil to cascade down her body, with the well-known cathedral's bronzed doors as a scenic backdrop.

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Her assistant can be seen spreading the veil out on the steps as the woman strikes a pose.

The photographer is seen walking around the woman as she poses, snapping photos, or filming the scene.

A mural depicting Jesus is also visible above the doors behind her.

British woman causes outrage by walking naked up cathedral steps Positanonews TV/ YouTube

II Mattino, a local newspaper, reported that the photoshoot might have gone on for much longer, but the local police broke it up before the three could finish after onlookers contacted the authorities.

A fellow report from L'Occhio di Salerno said the trio's shoot was unauthorised.

While other reports suggest they were at liberty to leave at the time, local officials ended up catching up with them before they left the cathedral, and they were admonished for "obscene acts in a public place."

Due to the historic and religious nature of the cathedral, many Italians were angered by this photoshoot the woman and her team conducted.

One person on Facebook wrote: "Is it normal to take similar photos in front of a cathedral? A little common sense and respect for the place!"

"The scandalous thing is not the fact that she is doing a nude photo shoot, but that she has chosen the facade of a church as the location," another added.

A third wrote: "...The world is ending. There is no respect for anything anymore…"

The cathedral itself, which is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew, was founded in the ninth century before being rebuilt in the 11th century in the Romanesque style, before being altered numerous times.

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