Nudist cruise ship passengers shares rules that must be followed on board

Nudist cruise ship passengers shares rules that must be followed on board
Bare Essentials: 11-Day Nude Caribbean Cruise Launch
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A passenger on a nudist cruise has revealed the rules everyone onboard has to follow and they are quite unique.

For people who are fans of taking their kit off, there are plenty of options when it comes to entertainment, as people have discovered the hidden nudist “festival within a festival” at Glastonbury as well as there being various nudist beaches around the world.

There are also companies that offer nude cruises for people to take in the sights while doing what they enjoy, and one passenger revealed what it’s like to travel onboard.

In a post on the Reddit sub Ask Me Anything, the anonymous person said they has “just disembarked from a 2,000 person nude cruise”.

They explained in their post that the staff onboard were dressed and that the cruise was strictly for “nudists”, not anything sexual.

“Accordingly, there was no public sex and no erections that I saw. An erection would be considered poor form in this environment,” the passenger explained.

But, one of the strictest rules onboard which everyone was required to abide by was around hygiene.

They explained: “No bare butts on any surface in any public space. Ever. That’s not a difficult concept. Nudists are as interested in hygiene as much as if not more than the next guy.”

Kat Whitmire, who works as a cruise organiser for the nudist cruise company Bare Necessities, explained to Business Insiderthere is a rule that states “men can’t be overly excited”, as their cruises are not for that purpose.

She added: “We say that if they start to feel things around moving down there, jump in cold water, or think about baseball.”

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