There is a mistake in this question and it has left the internet stumped

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A brain teaser (or should it be an optical illusion?) has left TikTok baffled.

In the two-minute clip shared by the account @houseofhighlights two women are asked to look at a simple number sequence and find the mistake.

The text on the piece of paper says: "Can you spot the the MISTAKE? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9"

And that's it. Nothing more beyond that but did you spot the error? The two women in the video are initially baffled by the conundrum. They realise that there is nothing wrong with the numbers and figure out that the mistake must be in the question.

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They then try to focus on the word mistake as it is written in big capital letters but they can't find any errors there either. After reading the question again they then think it might be something to do with the colour sequence on the numbers.


This is WILD đŸ¤¯đŸ¤¯ (via @sumbio13)

They then think it might be something to do with the colour of the numbers but that isn't right either. After reading the question several more times, the video ends with both women failing to find what the mistake is.

Hopefully, you were a bit more successful in your attempts to find the error. All you need to do is carefully read back the question and read every word that is included in it. If you did that you would have noticed that the word 'the' was repeated twice.

Don't believe it was that simple? Go back and look again.

Many people in the comments on TikTok couldn't believe that they had missed it either.

One person wrote: "The fact that I didn’t figure it out and had to read comments."

A second said: "It’s so funny how the brain automatically corrects for stuff like this! Found it but definitely took me a bit."

A third person had a different idea: "I see the mistake the question mark is backwards."

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