Nurse ‘forced to leave’ job after colleagues discovered her OnlyFans page

<p>Allie Rae worked 14 hours a day as a NICU nurse. </p>

Allie Rae worked 14 hours a day as a NICU nurse.

Credit: theallierae2/TikTok

By day, Allie Rae worked 14-hour days as a NICU nurse, happily married with three children. By night, she posted sexy photos online under the alias of “Allie Rae,” which led her to losing the position she’d held for nine years.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Rae said that while working in the neonatal intensive car unit was “taxing on her body” and “emotionally draining,” she still loved what she did — sharing sensual snaps to Instagram and The Chive simply helped her blow off steam. But when six of her colleagued happened upon her online persona — which wasn’t her real name, didn’t identify where she worked or even feature any particularly risqué pictures, they notified her boss, who let her off with a warning.

“They informed my manager about that and I was called into the office about their social media policy,” Rae told The Daily Beast. “It got uncomfortable, where I felt people were concentrating more on my performance outside of the hospital versus my performance in the hospital.”

Three months later, Rae’s inquisitive colleagues uncovered Rae’s OnlyFans account.

“They subscribed and paid to my OnlyFans account to screenshot it and bring it to my manager,” Rae said. “It was like Mean Girls for adults.”

At that point, the hospital director made Rae choose: OnlyFans or her position with the NICU. “They got the director involved and it was, ‘You need to get rid of this account or we can’t have you working here.’ That really bothered me.”

Disheartened, Rae quit.

“The stigma against people in the sex-work industry and OnlyFans ran a really good nurse out of the hospital,” she explained. “I didn’t even need the money—I was making more money on OnlyFans than I was as a nurse and was only doing it because I loved it—but once I became ‘the girl who does OnlyFans,’ it tore me apart.”

The Daily Beast initially reported that Allie Rae was making between $65,000 an $75,000 via OnlyFans, but since the story’s initial publication on August 13, Rae told The Daily Dot that her following has grown “significantly, roughly 4x [of] what it was as well as financially.” (It’s only been five days.)

Still, Rae genuinely mourns the loss of her job as a nurse, though she doesn’t necessarily have plans to return to the field anytime soon. But maybe someday.

“If I ever did it would be on a very very as needed part time position just to fulfill my void of taking care of patients,” she told the Daily Dot. “I truly loved what I did.”

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