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There aren't many creatures in the wild as fascinating as an octopus.

A few weeks ago we brought you a story on footage of an octopus changing colour while it was asleep, a phenomenon scientists believe is caused by dreams.

That's one thing but did you ever think that you would see an octopus adapting to its scenery while it was actually on the move?

Well, wonder no longer as footage has now been uncovered of an octopus swimming around on the sea bed and effortlessly changing colour and texture as it moves.

A video uploaded by the Twitter account How Things Work, shows a small octopus swimming along before changing to a deep red colour then merging into the coral and blending right in.

The viral clip has been viewed more than 4 million times on Twitter and, as you can imagine, people are pretty amazed by what they saw.

This has also prompted others to share clips of octopuses also adapting to their surroundings and all we can say is that humans got short-changed when it came to camouflage skills.

These incredible creatures can change colour thanks to their unique cells. As reported by Press Connectsan octopus can use these cells which are full of different colours, which the octopus can use by either stretching or relaxing their muscles. By changing the size of its cells it can easily and quickly alter its colour and texture to match it's surroundings and seamlessly avoid detection from even the most fierce of predators.

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