TikToker manages to book Airbnb stay on Coronation Street set

A man has gone viral on TikTok after moving into his office cubicle because they don’t pay him enough to afford rent.

The cost of living crisis has hit everyone hard, but one person on TikTok going by the name of Simon has found a novel way of eliminating the need to pay for rent.

In a viral clip that has been viewed more than 12.3 million times, Simon posted a sped-up video of him unpacking his belongings into his office cubicle, captioning it: “Check out my new apt.”

Over the top of the video, he spoke, explaining: “This is me taking all of my belongings from multiple bags and unpacking them.

“I’m moving from my apartment into my cubicle at work. They do not pay me enough to do both, so as a matter of protest, I am just going to live at my job and we’ll see how long I can get away with this.”


Check out my new apt

It’s fair to say people had questions and Simon provided an update on his living situation 3 days after moving in.

In the update video, he gave viewers a tour of his cubicle, showing his food in one corner and opening his office drawers to show where he keeps his clothes.

Someone commented: “oh this wasn't a joke.”

Simon posted another clip replying to someone who commented that he was going to get caught by security cameras.

He explained he was confident “most corporate offices do not have cameras” in the cubicle area.

In the comments, someone agreed with Simon, commenting: “Umm it’s not work cameras… some nosey [person] is gonna send his tiktok to HR.”

Other people were curious about where he showers, but Simon reassured them “I thought this out, baby”.


Reply to @jessymahan i mean no one said I couldn’t 🤷🏾‍♂️👽

He revealed that there are two men’s showers in his work building complete with towels free to use.

In the comments, someone joked: “I mean they have showers so they basically want you to live there.”

In another update, Simon revealed that on day 4 his stay was up and he was instructed by HR to remove all of his videos or face disciplinary action.

He ended up getting “evicted” and posted footage of him packing his belongings up and removing them from the building, accompanied by security.


(1) who snitched (2) what should I do 30m to decide #homingfromwork

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In the video, Simon said: “Yo, it happened way sooner than I thought, but thanks for following. This is the end of this chapter, but it’s not the last you see of me.”


Reply to @nikkik083 eviction… day 4 is indeed the end 😢🥸 #homingfromwork

People in the comments were upset that his unusual experiment was over so quickly.

One person wrote: “don’t know what i expected but THAT ENDED QUICKER THAN I THOUGHT.”

Another wrote: “Move into the parking garage.”

Someone else suggested: “Ask them how many times you have been late for work. Boom! Change the conversation.”

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