When people go through breakups it’s not uncommon for friends to say there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Or overseas, in one case.

One man has attempted to find love using Tinder Passport – a feature on the dating app that lets you swipe anywhere in the world. And he’s not just going for anyone.

Posting to TikTok, Reed Kavner said: “I paid for Tinder Plus so I can swipe in the Olympic Village and date an Olympian.”

He added: “I was on swim team until I was 12 so we’ll have that in common.”

His ploy worked well, as he swiped right on a number of women, including athlete Katerine Savard, who commented on his video.

The 28-year-old is set to swim for Canada at the Tokyo Olympics which will mark her third time competing at the Games.

People found Kavner’s attempt hilarious. One joked “work smart, not hard,” while another added: “Genius. Pure genius.”

“Once they see Reed Kavner in the middle of swiping through the world’s greatest athletes, they’ll be sure to fall in love,” commented one fan.

A third added: “Bro smarter than Elon Musk.”

Even the official Tinder account on TikTok got involved, as they responded: “You’re not in the Olympics but you’re winning the game.”

But they ignored Kayner’s request to “kick out everyone else who passported to the Olympic Village” as they were “messing up his plan.”

The Tokyo Olympics will officially kick off today with the opening ceremony after being postponed a year due to the pandemic.

Looks like Kayner is starting a pingdemic of his own.

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