One of the best things about the Olympics is investing in sports that you wouldn’t usually watch or be exposed to on a regular basis.

Sure, you can watch football, tennis, rugby and basketball, which are all included in the Games, but surely it’s more fun to watch fencing, taekwondo, weightlifting and synchronised diving as you probably aren’t going to watch them for another four years.

Trying to understand how the athletes are supposed to win at these sports is one thing – but then having to take in all the complex terminology provided by the commentators can make it feel like you are listening to an alien language.

Perhaps the sport most guilty of that is gymnastics as the various impressive manoeuvres the athletes pull off sound more like they’ve flicked through a dictionary and randomly picked out a few words to say.

This has been demonstrated by actor and presenter Joe Tracini who decided to provide his own commentary on Max Whitlock’s horizontal bar routine in Tokyo and we have to say it is very, very funny but could also be perfectly plausible if you heard it on TV.

Tracini’s clip has already been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter in just four days and has received a huge amount of praise (from some big-name celebs) and definitely generated a few chuckles.

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker, who has been reporting on the Olympics, wants to see Tracini on the show with him.

It’s so funny that even Whitlock himself and the rest of the Team GB gymnastics squad found it hilarious.

Unfortunately, Team GB couldn’t claim a medal in the team event at the gymnastics this time but did finish in a very respectable fourth place.

Meanwhile, Tracini, who revealed in 2019 that he had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, shared a heartfelt message of thanks to everyone that had watched and enjoyed his video despite his own personal struggles.

Keep up the good work Joe. You’ve put a smile on millions of people’s faces.

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