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An OnlyFans creator has admitted to shooting her shot to several high-profile men, including Boris Johnson.

In a viral TikTok clip that's racked up almost half a million views, Elle Brooke, 24, shared a montage of familiar faces. "Guys that have left me in their message requests..." she penned as the text overlay.

Among those Brooke claimed to have contacted was Ryan Reynolds, Harry from Sidemen, Logan Paul and the former prime minister, captioning the video: "Boris left me on read smh".

The adult star also included wrestling giant Brock Lesnar in the TikTok, to which fans have cruelly compared her. "Slipped herself in there like we wouldn’t notice," one brutal follower commented.

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Boris left me on read smh

Brooke didn't elaborate on her claims and failed to mention when or what platform she approached the men.

One follower offered an explanation as to why she allegedly got ignored: "Girlfriend married married married," they wrote.

Another humoured, "God I hope Boris actually messaged," while a third eager viewer wrote, "No Ryan Reynolds is MINE!"

The OnlyFans star has recently said she'd like to step back into the boxing ring again, after defeating Love Island contestant AJ Bunker back in July.

Despite scores of 40-36 across the board, Bunker was convinced the fight was rigged, telling the Mirror Fighting, "Anyone who watches this fight back will see it was a split decision."

She added: "I actually had a judge come in here and go 'actually, I thought you had that'. So, rigged or not rigged? I don't know but at the end of the day I would be up for a rematch against Elle with more than two weeks notice. I think it was a quite good fight and if I had more time to prepare for it, it would be a good match."

She said: "Where was that knockout?

"I was preparing for an MMA fight on two weeks notice and that's what I brought to the table so imagine me if I had the proper fight camp that she had.

"I'm proud of my performance, I stuck to the gameplan that my coach gave me.

"No one knocked me out and I feel like I got more points in terms of hitting her in the face and moving off, so I think I did myself proud."

Brooke told Indy100: "To claim that the fight was rigged, when anyone with two eyes can see the gulf in class between us, is pretty embarrassing and clearly just a sad attempt to force a rematch.

"AJ Bunker had fallen off the face of the earth before she had the opportunity to fight me, so I can understand the despair from her side to fight me again given the inevitable boost it will have on her relevancy, however I have absolutely no desire to take that fight again.

"I was awarded the unanimous decision, I won every single round, it doesn't really get any more convincing than that. I do wish her all the best in her upcoming bout though, not taking anything away from the bravery and commitment it takes to step into the ring."

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