OnlyFans creator shares mortifying encounter with neighbour whose kids thought she was ‘watching a movie’

<p>Railey Diesel was left mortified by the encounter</p>

Railey Diesel was left mortified by the encounter


An OnlyFans creator known for posting X-rated content has shared the mortifying moment her neighbour came round when she was filming some new content.

Railey Diesel uploaded a recording of their encounter to TikTok,with the caption: “I was making [an OnlyFans] video then this happened.”

In the clip, she can be seen tightening her silky dressing gown as she walks towards the front door.

She then greets the person on the other side, who turns out to be her neighbour.

The man’s voice can be heard saying bashfully: “We are just trying to have a family lunch and I was wondering if you don’t mind turning your TV volume down, or shutting your window?”

He adds: “We have some [sic] small children and they’re very curious to know what you’re watching.”

Diesel responds with a slightly awkward laugh, saying: “OK, I’m sorry about that. Yes, sure,” she then adds: “I didn’t realise I had the window open.”

She wrote in a caption to the vid: “I think his wife sent him my way.”

The TikToker said her poor neighbour seemed very nervous during their exchange raileydzz/TikTok

Her video, titled ‘OMG they thought I was watching a “movie”’ has racked up more than 10.9 million views and 1.3 million likes in just three days, as fellow TikTokers delighted in the awkwardness of the exchange while hailing the neighbour’s “respectful” approach.

“He actually handled that pretty well and so did you because I would’ve stopped living on the spot,” one wrote.

“The fact he was so polite about it??? Where do I find these neighbours?” commented another.

“Oh lord, I would probably move out the next day,” a third said.

Meanwhile, scores of users were desperate to learn what sort of movie she was making.

Eagle-eyed viewers pointed to an item in the left-hand corner of the screen, which they took to be a sex toy. So you can guess the conclusions they drew…

Some viewers’ eyes were drawn to a mysterious item in the bottom lefthand corner of the screenraileydzz/TikTok

A number of commentators shared their sympathy for the man, who Diesel admitted seemed “nervous” during their conversation.

“Those poor neighbors.. The fact that it’s that loud…oooof. I definitely wouldn’t have been so nice about it. Keep that in your own house,” one wrote.

While another joked: “I bet he subscribed after he got home.”

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