'My secret OnlyFans account was making so much money I quit my job as a lawyer'

'My secret OnlyFans account was making so much money I quit my job as a lawyer'
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An Iranian-American model has revealed why she quit her “dream job” as a lawyer to work on OnlyFans full time. This was after Jazmen Jafar made £46,000 in her first few months on the website, despite keeping the account a secret.

Jazmen Jafar’s background couldn’t be more different from her online career. The model grew up in California with Persian immigrant parents who instilled within her their values of modesty and education, and expected her to “go into the corporate world”.

But the 28-year-old soon began feeling trapped by her future. Two years ago, by chance, fate offered her another path and she is now using her platform to inspire change. “Some classmates and I got talking about OnlyFans and I was curious,” the model, who has droves of fans on TikTok, told

“In Persian culture, it’s expected that we make our parents proud and pursue academic success. “I did well at school but I craved freedom, and being able to express myself in a different way. “Every time I thought about sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life, I’d break out in a cold sweat.”

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Jazmen started her account in secret, only telling a few friends, hoping to make some extra cash. It blew up almost overnight, with her making £46,000 ($50,000 USD) in her first few months. In 2023, she makes six figures a month.

She said: “There aren’t many Middle Eastern girls on OnlyFans, that’s where a lot of my fans come from. “I started off by not showing my face and being quite shy but I made tens of thousands right away and my confidence grew. “I created content while preparing for the bar exam. Then my dream job as an attorney landed in my lap and I had to make a choice. By then, I was making my annual salary in just a month on the site.”

Conflicted, Jazmen took the job but just a year later, quit to focus on OnlyFans full-time. Her conservative parents did not take her new career choice well. ” Conflicted, Jazmen took the job but just a year later, quit to focus on OnlyFans full-time.

The model said: “I was terrified that my parents would find out but I knew I had to tell them. “They stopped speaking to me – this went on for months. “But I had spent my whole life trying to please then and now I was determined to please myself, no matter the consequences.

“Eventually, my mother reached out and said that while she didn’t agree with my decision, she loved me unconditionally. “My dad came around a few months later and we have more of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell' relationship about my job.” Jazmen has received a lot of positive feedback from fans online but does occasionally battle with evil trolls.

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The model wants to use her platform to spark change and challenge stereotypes about her culture. She said: “One person asked if my family wanted to honour kill me and some people comment asking if I have been disowned, but that isn’t the reality for most modern immigrant families.

“So many Middle Eastern people live secret lives, hiding their sexuality or dating lives because their families won’t understand. I want to be an example of living your truth. Every woman has the right to choose who they want to be and if that is covered head-to-toe, that’s fine. But so is taking your clothes off.

"My Iranian sisters are fighting for their most basic rights and are burning their headscarves to start a revolution – it empowers me to speak out about what I do. I still occasionally practice law to help other models with their contracts and to do some good for our community and am considering building a foundation or charity one day. “But right now I am focusing on exploring all possibilities and I finally have the confidence to take risks.”

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