Neighbour slams OnlyFans model for making 'loud' videos and standing nude in her window

Neighbour slams OnlyFans model for making 'loud' videos and standing nude in her window
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An OnlyFans model was confronted by her neighbour for being "really loud," and standing nude at her windows.

Amber O’Donnell was recently in the middle of filming a TikTok video vlog about Pancake Day in her car when her fuming neighbour suddenly knocked on her window.

To which the 24-year-old rolled down her window are asked if her neighbour she was alright - but the since-deleted TikTok took a turn as O'Donnell didn't exactly get the response she was expecting.

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"I'm not being funny, but you need to stop now. You're being really loud. I'm sat in my garden, I've come home from work and all I can hear is your gob," the woman explained.

O'Donnell then said she was filming a TikTok, but the woman complained that she's "always" doing this "every day."

This caused Amber to detail that TikTok is part of her job, but this only made the woman angrier.

"Well, I've just come from my actual job and I really just don't want to hear it, if I can't hear you I can f***ing see you," the neighbour said.

"You're always stood in your window with your t**s out and I've had enough - I don't want to see it."

She added: "I'm just letting you know it's not just me that thinks it, it's the rest of the neighbours as well."

In shock, O'Donnell asked: 'Why are you looking if I'm stood at my window?'

"What do you mean why am I looking? You're in your window, they're clear, that's all I can see, all I can hear and all I can do is you every f***ing day - I've had enough.'

Taken aback, the model simply told her neighbour: 'I'm sorry.'

But the woman interrupted her to add: "I've tried to be nice but I can't be doing with it, it's too much, I'm just letting you know you're p***ing everyone off."

Struggling to find the words, O'Donnell lets out an "Um," before the woman cuts her off once more to tell her "'I don't want to hear it," before walking away from the car.

Gasping at what just occurred, O'Donnell tells the camera: "I can't believe that just happened.'

The OnlyFans model has since taken to Twitter, following video being covered by The Daily Mail where she noted the neighbour's issue was not with her OnlyFans but with her TikTok videos.

"No idea why this article has been directed at my Onlyfans when the initial altercation had no relevance to that at all, my neighbours don’t even know I do OF and I very rarely take content at home, the issue was with me making TikTok’s ‘loudly," she tweeted.

She then accused her neighbours of snooping on her.

"And I would only ever be naked in my house if I was just getting out the shower or getting changed which I am entitled to do, my neighbours aren’t even directly in view of my bedroom window so it’s clear they go out of their way to snoop."

O'Donnell also addressed speculation that the video was staged.

"I had filmed several TikTok’s in my car before this one, which is why she ‘conveniently’ interrupts the video, it’s not staged, she just doesn’t like me and will jump at any opportunity to argue with me, I have had noted thrown over my fence and all sorts it’s really petty," she added.

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