OnlyFans model claims she was kicked out of a supermarket for being 'too hot'

OnlyFans model claims she was kicked out of a supermarket for being 'too hot'
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A model from OnlyFans has claimed she left was “humiliated” after being thrown out of a supermarket for being “too hot”.

Iara Ferreira claims that she was asked to leave the store and felt she faced “prejudice just because I'm hot”.

The incident took place in Miami when Ferreira was shopping in a market and was seen by a male employee who recognised her because he was also Brazilian.

Ferreira said she was wearing the same kind of outfit she would wear in Brazil and didn’t think she looked “scandalous” in any way.

She explained: “I felt humiliated, I was in shock when he took me out of the market screaming.

“My look was not scandalous. I wear it in Brazil, on a daily basis, and I never went through that.”

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Ferreira said that at the time she was the only person in the unnamed establishment and said she felt she was targeted because the employee who dismissed her had seen her on OnlyFans before.

She added: “The employee accused me of something I didn't do, for me it's prejudice just because I'm hot.”

The model said she believes people who create content for OnlyFans and other such sites face discrimination because they are recognised by other internet users and might choose more daring clothes to wear outside the house.

Ferreria continued: “I've recorded in public, but always in a discreet way, without embarrassing other people. And the employee recognised me, he knew what he was saying and doing.

“He commented that he knew me from OnlyFans. It was a shame.”

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