This optical illusion will reveal how confident you are

Everyone loves a brain teaser – if only to remind ourselves we still have one – and a TikTok clip has provided us with a tough challenge.

In the clip posted by TikTok user @hecticnick, he tasked people with finding the odd couple out in a picture with 3 rows of 12 near-identical pictures.

Set against a yellow background, the small black picture showed the silhouette side profile of a couple kissing on the lips.

One of the images is slightly different, but the images are so tightly packed together that it makes it a mind-boggling task.

With 36 images of the same couple, @hecticnick claimed, “only two per cent of people can find this different couple in this image. Can you?”

In the comments, people gave their thoughts on what the answer is, while others were completely stumped and had to find the answer elsewhere.

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Can you find the difference? #fyp #illusions #puzzle

Someone commented: “Sigh *Opens comments*.”

Another TikToker provided the answer, writing: “found it, it's on the 2nd row and 2nd couple.”

One user admitted: “I found it……in the comments.”

Another wrote: “POV: you go look at the comments because you don't know it.”

Other optical illusions can offer an insight into our personality traits and the way we see the world, with many others recently going viral online.

This optical illusion can reveal if you are ready for a big challenge in your life, while another claims to show what your biggest personality strength is.

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