What you see first in this mindbending optical illusion challenges you to ...

We all love a good optical illusion and the more baffling the better, especially when it takes you a good few minutes to figure out what is going on.

Often optical illusions are still images that ask us to look longingly at them in order to find the hidden picture but today we've got a moving image that will really leave you stumped.

It comes courtesy of a young man called Christian Kesniel, who according to India Times, is a dancer and a video editor.

The clip, which has been shared on Instagram sees multiple versions of Christian dancing to the sea shanty song that went viral in early 2021 (remember that?).

All five versions of Christian are wearing different coloured hoodies and towards the end of the clip they all spin around and rotate to different positions.

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At first, it looks like nothing has happened until you realise that despite changing positions, the hoodies that they are wearing have remained in the same positions.

For example, the green hoodie right at the front stays green throughout the entire video but Christian clearly moves while he is wearing it.

As most people have figured out the hoodies slowly change colour before Christian moves but it's so subtle that you barely notice.

This isn't the first time that Christian has made a video like this as he often goes viral on TikTok with his clever creations.

In a YouTube video he explains how he make many of his clips, including the one above. He says: "I just colour keyed it so that I could isolate the colour green, which is the actual colour of the jacket.

"You can see here, if I turn on the hue, saturation and lightness effect, it will show the actual colour of the jacket."

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