Optical illusion makes it impossible to tell if woman is heavily pregnant or not

Optical illusion makes it impossible to tell if woman is heavily pregnant or not
Pool of water creates optical illusion and confuses drivers

A heavily pregnant woman shared an optical illusion that makes it look like she’s not pregnant at all and people’s minds are blown.

Personal trainer Jordan Edwards posted the clip on TikTok where it’s been viewed more than 10.3 million times.

In the video, Edwards wore a black baseball hat, an orange tank top and black gym leggings. Text overlay on the clip read: “9 months PREGNANT or nah?!”

Filming herself in a full-length mirror, she stood face on making her bump appear completely invisible and her stomach look flat and toned.

Edwards then walked closer to the mirror and turned to the side revealing her huge baby bump that seemed non-existent before. Text overlay said: “I guess it's just an optical illusion.”

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes and many went to the comment section to share their shock that a woman with a large 36-week bump looked like she wasn’t pregnant at all.

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36 weeks this week!!! Haha pt. 2 !!! Must be the pants #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #fyp #viral #tiktok

“currently looking for my jaw i think i dropped it,” one TikTok user commented.

Another said: “I have watched it a bunch of times and I still can’t believe it.”

Someone else wrote: “Meanwhile I’m here looking pregnant from all angles even though I’m not.”

One person responded: “Watching this for the 100th time and I’m still mind blown.”

Many women in the comments also added that they hope to look that good when they have a baby.

Edwards replied to one person who claimed it was because of her genetics: “I also worked out and ate pretty good my entire pregnancy … hard AF but I did it, don’t blame it on genetics.”

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