You have 30 seconds to spot the sniper in this optical illusion before it's too late

You have 30 seconds to spot the sniper in this optical illusion before it's too late
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If you happen to stumble across this, you have roughly 30 seconds to spot the deadly sniper hiding among the rocks in an optical illusion before it's too late.

In a TikTok uploaded by Nathan Daniels (@nate44432), the rocky mountainous terrain can be seen.

"Can you spot the sniper?" the on-screen text read.

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And if you can find the deadly sharpshooter camouflaged in the rocks and shrubs, you're in the top 1 per cent.

Daniel posts several illusions of snipers on his account, hiding in different locations.

At first, the clip appeared to be a still image of the rocky scenery, but it's actually a video, and the deadly shooter is camouflaged within it.

People in the comments were left baffled as to where the rifleman was.

One wrote: "It's so hard."

However, all becomes transparent when at the very end of the video, the sniper pops up from behind a rock on the right-hand side of the screen.

The mind-boggling image reached 554,500 views at the time of writing as well as hundreds of comments.

Some viewers were able to correctly guess where the sniper was disguised.

But another user frankly asked: "How are we supposed to spot the sniper when he's hiding behind a rock?"

A third added: "To be fair. No one can see that because it's a camera. Real-life, it would be a lot easier to spot him."

Someone else who believed the sniper was the uploader quipped with the following: "Behind the camera."

Elsewhere, you're also in the top 1 per cent of people if you can spot the hidden tiger in this illusion or the elephant in this illusion.

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