This optical illusion is seriously confusing people

This optical illusion is seriously confusing people

This optical illusion is seriously confusing people

greeenpro / YouTube

People have been left bewildered after viewing an optical illusion of a spinning lady, as they try to figure out which way she is turning.

Optical illusions have long been a favourite of the internet, sparking numerous online debates in the past from the 'Yanny or Laurel' audio, to the black/blue and white/gold dress. The reason we're often so interested in optical illusions is because what we see or hear challenges or disagrees with physical reality.

Aude Oliva, a cognitive scientist from MIT, told Popular Mechanicsthat "the human brain is really tuned to learning new things. Anything that is new and surprising is something we naturally like because it mean we may learn something from it."

The 'spinning lady' illusion was first posted to YouTube in 2018, asking viewers, "Which way is the lady spying? Left or right? Or both?"

Many left comments sharing what they could see:

"I had to watch it multiple times to see both," one user wrote. "My brain naturally sees her turn clockwise. But after watching it enough, if I change my focus it can change her direction."

"At first I thought both, but when I focus on the eyes, nose and mouth as she spins, I just see her spinning left (clockwise)", wrote another.

One user even said that the lady is "NOT SPINNING at all!" But rather "SWINGS like a pendulum!"

Take a look at the spinning lady yourself:

NEW Spinning Lady Optical Illusion (Left or Right?)

So, what do you see? Is she spinning left, right, or both?

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