Man shares photo of 'Oscars red carpet discarded in dumpster' day after ceremony

Man shares photo of 'Oscars red carpet discarded in dumpster' day after ceremony
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The 94th Academy Awards proved to be one of the most dramatic awards shows in history.

The incident that occurred with Will Smith and Chris Rock on stage in the televised ceremony has had everyone talking, and the discourse is still going on days later. Wherever you stand on the issue, it's clear that this will be one topic that will be forever known as an important moment in pop culture history.

Whereas people are still buzzing from the Oscars events, another man has taken to Twitter to share an interesting visual of the apparent aftermath of that night.

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Every year, the Oscars has a fancy red carpet where all of Hollywood's A-listers walk in their best suits and gowns. It's a tradition to see your favorite celebrity strutting down the carpet in full glam and posing for the shots that will inevitably land them in some fashion round-up for best-dressed or worst-dressed for the unlucky.

Because it's such a big part of the annual ceremony, one man was shocked to find what appears to be the Oscars red carpet in the dumpster after the event.

Twitter user @BryanCooking took to the social media platform to write: "Please enjoy this photo of the Oscars red carpet, in a dumpster, in the rain."

In comparison to the luxurious night that takes place before, the photo shows a striking difference.

"It’s literally all for nothing. Everything," wrote one user.

"The waste. All to please the elite for a few hours," slammed another.

Another person said: "Pretty sure I learned on @nosuchthing that the carpet is thrown out every year because storing it and cleaning it is more expensive than just making it again. Also because this specific shade of red for the Oscars carpet is trademarked just for the ceremony."

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