A third of people in relationships find their other half the ‘most annoying person’ they know, according to a new study.

LG Electronics conducted the study to determine how people perceived their loved ones and whether certain habits caused friction in the home.

Their poll of 2,000 people revealed some interesting – and some may say, unsurprising results.

Those in a relationship tend to spend a fifth of their day feeling agitated at their partner because of “snoring, passing wind, loudness, messiness and rudeness” – which equates to around five hours a day.

A further third of participants listed their other halves as ‘the most annoying person’ they know.

And while some habits can’t be helped, other personality traits were outed as being highly irritating such as partners who: “never listen”, “talk through TV shows”, are “bad with money”, “use their phone mid-conversation” and “leave clothes on the bedroom floor.”

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In a bid to discover whether their electronics can help overcome their annoying habits, Marina Clowes, from LG Electronics, said: “It’s no surprise to see some of the most common annoying partner habits that Brits have voted on. I’m sure we can all relate to some of these.”

“It is interesting to see how many of these can be solved if you have the right smart technology products at home, though, like TVs with algorithms that learn your preferred viewing genre, noise-cancelling earbuds, and even steam closets to revive your ‘floordrobe’ items’.”

Despite the candid responses, forty-one per cent of people said they wouldn’t change their partner’s annoying habits as they make them who they are.

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