Woman appalled after passenger changes baby’s nappy right next to her on flight

Woman appalled after passenger changes baby’s nappy right next to her on flight

A woman sparked a debate online after venting her frustrations towards a mother who changed her baby's nappy right next to her during a flight.

Taking to a Reddit thread, the plane passenger explained how she was travelling on a four-hour flight with a "screaming" baby who kept "getting all worked up at various points".

She complained about the toddler, said to be around one or two years old, who was apparently "kicking the back of my seat, sticking his feet up on my armrest, and SH***ING his pants regularly."

As if that wasn't enough for the passenger's patience, she then noted that the mother "changed his diaper THREE times, IN the seat".

"Didn't bother taking him to the bathroom even though she was one row up from the very back of the plane, right near it. It stunk like hell," she continued. "Ffs, one lady even had a puppy on the plane and he made zero fuss. Perfect little angel. Maybe he had had a sedative, I don't know."

The woman then brutally added that parents should "either sedate their damn kids" or not be allowed to bring them on "certain flights" altogether.

It didn't take long for fellow Redditors to flood the thread with their own takes, with one siding with the furious passenger. One suggested changing a nappy is a potential "biohazard".

They added: "I would 100 per cent would pay extra for childfree flights though parents would scream DISCRIMINATION and then sneak their kids onto the flight somehow I’m sure because 'everybody loves babies why wouldn’t you love my precious angel who shrieks the whole ten-hour flight?!'"

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